Shenzhen Swaroniki Technology Co.,Ltd


We have CE CB GS UL FCC CUL SAA CTICK MEAPS REACH BS KC LEVER VI certification for most country.We will improve and perfect to get completely certification around the world.

Company introduction

With many years experience,We are professional to produce various kind of power supply, adapters,battery chargers. Our products with 3 years warranty,goes through LVD safety-standard, is security and stability.

Our advantage

    (●—●)1.Completely certification,include Level VI ERP for European.CEC and DOE for American.
    (●—●)2.Use newest components and best material to produce,the material of shell is fire prevention & ROHS,You will not get customer complains. Our products with 3 years warranty.stablity and security.
    (●—●)3.The quality is best but the price is same as market or lower than market.Help your company to reduce the cost.
    (●—●)4.With high Efficiency more than 86%,Ripple And Noise can about 35Mv.
    (●—●)5.Every our batch produce the qty will more than our customer orders for sampling test.

Special product

We can custom made the power adapters or chargers with various kind of special plug for you.

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